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when im feeling bad, i sleep early
when i feel like crying, i dont sleep

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Thursday, January 24, 2013 // 10:57 PM

I suppose posting here after 2 years is going to be interesting hm? Different person, same feelings. The same feelings of extreme shittiness that pervade my mind and stay and corrode the rest of my thoughts. It's infecting every part of me now because i can't stop thinking about you, and whatever you plan to say and it's killing and i really doubt that i could really sleep tonight. I've waited so long for someone new to come, i really hope that it won't end in a similar way. I really hope that it doesn't end, period. Fuck this i'm screwing up my own head with my own thoughts and i just feel like bleeding and scarring again and again to remind myself to stop being such a moron at such things. And yet i still am. I still fall like i'm skydiving from a fucking space shuttle. The distance is really far, and the drop would kill me, but the lack of gravity builds the suspense doesn't it? i can't fall, i can only hope to fall hard enough. But i'm stuck floating in space. I've been stuck for 2 years. It'd be nice if i don't have to go through the same shit again because once is enough. I barely got out alive and i doubt that i will this time. Note to self: stop being so stupid.

Knock Knock.

Monday, November 28, 2011 // 2:54 AM

It's been awhile since i've been on this blog. Mostly since i have tumblr and twitter and other accounts now.
But it doesn't beat the privacy i can get here now, since no one, and i mean NO ONE would read this blog anywhere.

It's like a diary available for people to read, but you just can't find.

First thing:
I can't stand when people openly flame others. This fucked up public discrimination is the sort of thing that no one should have to endure. It's not as if they did anything to you directly right? What or who gives you the bloody right to say such things about people? Even if you DO feel like you truly hate the other party, you could insult them privately or something right? Not do it in places where the person can see it. Unless you WANT the person to see it, then you're a plain sadist. You don't know how it feels to be flamed in public do you? That kind of public declaration of hatred towards you. The feeling that no one in the world wants to be your friend, wants to stick around for you, or even wants to be associated with you. Do you have any idea how much it hurts? To go into some familiar place, but feel like you don't know anything or anyone there? It's like going into a home, full of strangers you can't trust or talk to.

I also want to re-declare how lonely it gets when i have to remember you. When people remind me of you. When they keep saying how similar i am to you. I hate it. I hate to be reminded. I hate to remember everything. Why can't i forget? I know i say this again, and again. I hate repeating this. I hate replaying everything in my head.

Let me forget. Please.

Knock Knock.

Friday, December 17, 2010 // 10:44 PM

When i had you, i wanted to hold you, and talk to you, and never let you go.
But after awhile, the spark that had transformed into that fire died down,
and now only smouldering ashes are left
You are awesome, and i miss talking to you and acting cute with you
and holding your hand and you.
You were the best to me.
You were sweet and funny and caring and loving,
and you still are.
But you are also fragile though you always try to be strong.
i hated hurting you,
but i didn't want to hurt you more.

''and this is me swallowing my pride, standing in front of you saying i'm sorry for that night''

Knock Knock.

Monday, December 13, 2010 // 10:22 PM

oh wow!
i jus realized i havent blogged for...3-4 months?
personal record
hi blog
im gonna un-private you now
and not put a tagboard
anyway like ppl actually bother coming to read LOL.

Knock Knock.

Sunday, August 22, 2010 // 5:25 PM

you know?
everytime you ignore my messages or give me a '?'
its like you don't want to talk to me at all
it hurts to know that you want to care
it ok
once i leave you won't see me again
you won't have to talk to me again
you won't have to put up with my crap

Knock Knock.

Sunday, August 1, 2010 // 10:15 PM

so everything seems really easy now.
everyday goes by the same way
i look at your name on my contact list and force myself not to click it
i don't want to end up with a conversation that goes no where
and again
yea im being sensitive over stupid things
hooray for me
i wish you'd talk to me like yesterday
i'd miss talking to you..
so yea.
soon i'll be gone and you won't see me anymore
will you talk to me then?
or will we drift apart
and that reply you gave me was so quick
were you just tired?
you seemed like you were so eager to say goodbye

Knock Knock.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010 // 11:56 PM

i feel like letting someone see everything
but who can i show it to
i dont want to have some sort of motive for letting people see
i dont want people to care only cos i want them to
im a bloody hypocrite
so im trying not to be
but its as though plotting how people perceive me is a part of me
i change when im around different people
i dont know if what im acting as is really who i am,
or simply that, acting
what am i?

Knock Knock.